Meet the author


Shall i Say it or, Not? Sums most of my life. So i wrote it, wrote to my heart’s content, eventually got short of pages. What did i do then, started a blog!
Be it the tragedies or melodies,
dance in the rain or overhead sun,
everything found way in my words,
welcome they were,
eventually welcome was i,
for my heart grew big enough;

I’m a student, thinker and writer. discover life with all its glory with me.

Micro tales

Wouldn’t that be amazing if a phrase could enunciate the bliss we thrive upon,
handful of humour, a tinge of love, or just our struggle to sleep at 2 am,
we got it all, in our micro tales,
for emotions tangled in mundane things;

Bad timing
Pit of love
sleepy head?



Balcony and autumn night

To look at this street from my balcony, where kids hide and seek, dogs tail each other and run and people are just enjoying their me time with their earphones in. A voluntary smile takes over my face , and I look upto the stars, not so many but their is one that shines very bright. and  I wonder if you are looking at it too………

A poetry like man;

Or maybe the speed of his heart was faster than the mind could figure out, emotions too vivid to be bound by words,magic lingering his eyes, unruly for the Muggle world,realisations too divine to express in one voice, shared just enough, made you yearn for the next part….

Glitchy pieces of time!

Her pleased stance stumbled when a piercing pain shot through her head, she was screaming but no one heard, as if she wasn’t there at all. Her surroundings started to glitch as if this was an animation. She watched the station and its people ahead ,as if through air above the flames, everything swirled and moved in waves.