Any answers anyone?

Sometimes you have a feeling that you are walking on the thin line separating sanity and insanity. It’s just scary ,but the more often you be there u get used to it.

Why am I here?

Asked this question several times, the more I ponder the more it pushes towards the end . So stopped thinking as I came to know people call it- overthinking. Even doctors.

How can I get back?

This is now the most burning question. it requires thinking, so one question arises again, should I think or not?

Why haven’t I got back till now?

For this I have the answer, because I don’t feel the energy required to push myself back where I was. But I have enough resistance not to cross the line of sanity too. So guess I’m stuck in between for now.

They say it happens because of overthinking, so what is the line that separates thinking and overdoing it?

Am I thinking again or overdoing it? Anyways needed to get it out. Does anyone has an answer?I would welcome it.


You are such a nice person, you help everyone!

Well, a friend or I must recently crossed the line of acquaintance-friend asked me ,“are you really such a helping person or it’s just me?”

Well folks this is a tricky question. As saying I help everyone makes the person feel he is not that important and plus it’s narcissistic, because no I don’t help everyone. I get annoyed at some people so I don’t.

But if I shift to the latter part of the question that it’s just you, the acquaintance-friend thinks he is a close-friend. Which he is not, and then things start getting weird.

So I decided to tell the truth in my own messed up way. I try to help everyone but as good as it sounds it’s not possible. And you are one of those people I actually help. So my friend it is more like a habit now.

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The darker the better..

The ‘darker’ the better,
Lights are too bright,

No sympathies for the blurry red eyesVoices are irritating,painful is even the dropping pin

No hunger no thirst,Just Me in this euphoria is a mustBalnket and pillow are only soothing

Sometimes the world spins around,Sometimes it gets still,
Sometimes I’m dancing on the roof,Others I’m crying like a doof

Only constant is the smiling screen
Making my life everytime green

This happens day and night
I’m not addicted right?

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Wanna write in words

Wanna write in words

What I want to say

What I can’t express


I sing my heart

Cry my eyes out

Seeking someone to hear

What I want to say

What I can’t express


I dare not speak

Or show any sign

Of the pain I feel

So I write in words

What I want to say

What I can’t express


A love will bloom

In the gloomy sea

Burn like lava

Set free

will say it loud

will shout to the world

You will see

I’ll become my own fantasy!!

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Is this hallucination?

Am I drowning in the pool of hallucination?

Coz I can certainly see shadows shimmer through light

Eyes so pious and deep, tranquility takes over

Formation of your face, always a sight to Behold

How can this not be real?

Real is what I feel:

The longing rising on the sight of you

The hands I hold radiating power

The essence which tastes like home

Finally you’ve come,But why is everyone staring at me?

You are standing nowhere talking with the air!!”

But, but you seem so real.

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I was called a flower!

Chains invisible
So harsh make you choke
It’s eating you up
But u can’t be able to eat anything
They alure you as a flower
So beautiful everyone not worthy of it
So elegant to be trained to be fragrant everyday

Preserving but it’s prisoning
U can’t be near the dear ones
It’s sickening to the bottom
With every second your tongue rotten and rotten
But u can’t throw up
U try but they
Tell u to be poised
U r not supposed to rebel
Then u r impudent
What do u need?
Ur respect of choice
Be labelled as disgusting desire
I was called a flower!
Without it no garden blooms
Still it always alone looms
I am fine a thorn
I can sting to survive
I bloom not in dark
But in sun burning away all
Standing straight in blazing sand
Not leeching off someone

Now I know
I’m who I am