Choose one Chris.

ZEE: who do you like more me or him?
CHRIS: come on Zee i love you both.
ZEE: Me or him?
CHRIS: there is no comparison you know it.
ZEE: I am waiting here
CHRIS:Oh come on, seriously!
(Zee still glaring in background)
Honestly YOU.

Zee: what is such a big deal, it is a fictional character Chris.
Chris: yes but one that is very real to me, one that i adore, i admire and that is flawless. So he is perfect. And a perfectionist like myself chose you over perfection Zee.


Shell of love

“what about those two?they can’t break apart!”,they said

“Christin is a hard shell, tough to crack.”

“Well that means we need to go for her sister,she is sort of softer ”

“Didn’t I mention, she is the softer part of the hard shell”

Silence replied….