Balcony and Autumn night

wind is rustling through my messy ponytail, you know how i don’t keep them open for they get tangled easily, here i am standing in my balcony in nothing but light summer clothes. It’s just autumn some would say, wind is cool and meditative, indeed, still makes me shiver a little, but I have cold blood even in a sweater in Sabrina Carpenter’s words. I wonder if you would nag at me to wear a pullover if that’s the case, but i am lazy you know. More importantly I like this numb feeling, it feels the world has paused a little for good, for me to just look at it. To look at this street from my balcony, where kids hide and seek, dogs tail each other and run and people are just enjoying their me time with their earphones in. A voluntary smile takes over my face , and I look upto the stars, not so many but their is one that shines very bright. and  I wonder if you are looking at it too, how nice it would be to gaze a night sky full of stars and showered by the starlight, I know, I know my imagination takes over , but I know that you like it too. I still ponder if your eyes would shine a little brighter under the mystical hue,would there be a smiling me in reflection of your eyes. I am not sure if you just like my wild stories and daydreaming or the thought of me and you. You would laugh hard, but what would you answer i wonder, I wonder in my balcony this autumn night.

8 Replies to “Balcony and Autumn night”

  1. Good day

    I know
    many more days
    and nights

    where i hoped
    You up
    the balcony
    under the starry sky
    hold true

    to the fleeting
    the one in mine

    the glow
    in your eyes
    don’t forget
    will never end

    Best regards

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  2. Nice story! Very well worded. I’m new here and I was wondering if you guys could check out my page and give it a follow a like or even just some feedback! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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