I read somewhere today, we ought to let our brains think because thats what they are meant to do. We ought to keep the natural flow of thoughts and satisfy the craving for thinking and introspection. When we shut it down with distractions and instant pleasures again and again, all of those thoughts come like a wave, which we cannot stop. It results in overthinking or that overwhelming feeling. It may consume us.

Let us sit with ourselves for few minutes each day. To think , reflect and introspect. Be healthy.

What do you think?

Gen Z

Gen Z, we might be the most emotionally worn out generation yet the most emotionally driven.

(the irony!)


a woman confidently sporting her ripped jeans.

With daily movements, rallies and protests all to more or less extent screaming for equality, and ending discrimination based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientations and the list goes on. The swarming of social media with messages to not judge or discriminate on narrowly perceived identities or stereotypes and, how it is disastrous to a peaceful and inclusive society. still people, especially people in power keep on defining women based on their clothes.

I would quote Uttarakhand’s chief minister, today in a live, “what example they set up before their children and the society!”, talking about a woman wearing ripped jeans, walking with her two children, who runs a NGO. this woman’s ripped jeans apparently marked her unfit to manage her kids and work for a social cause in the eyes of our CM. *Issued in public safety, next time you are out on a walk with your kids and see a woman wearing a ripped jeans. ‘RUN, for they shall destroy ye’*. I didn’t want to say how ridiculous is the logic,as obvious, so i wrote a joke about it.

Was i shocked to hear a CM making such a statement? NO, because similar remarks have been continously made by people in power. there has been an age old nexus between women’s clothes and their sanskar(character,attitude or culture). Ranging from the time, when Hindu Mahasabha suggested to ban jeans for women, to justification of rape because of a women’s dress. what these all have in common is, they perpetuate the widely held beliefs about lack of agency, women’s body as dangerous, something to be covered and hidden, and the narrative of a “bad woman“.

There are plenty of feminist texts and readings on similar matters, if one cares to read, rather than pushing narrow nationalist agendas on the cost of women’s autonomy.

A new lens?

A new lens

And it all seemed better if not beautiful
Once i changed the lens;

Before was all a hazy blur of despair, confusion and sense of loss. Which gave to a hope of solution, change and new.

If you are stuck in a spot, unable to change anything. Try changing your lens to the world. It would not vanish problems but definitely provide ways and a better understanding.

Keep questioning!🤗🙌

You are such a nice person, you help everyone!

Well, a friend or I must recently crossed the line of acquaintance-friend asked me ,“are you really such a helping person or it’s just me?”

Well folks this is a tricky question. As saying I help everyone makes the person feel he is not that important and plus it’s narcissistic, because no I don’t help everyone. I get annoyed at some people so I don’t.

But if I shift to the latter part of the question that it’s just you, the acquaintance-friend thinks he is a close-friend. Which he is not, and then things start getting weird.

So I decided to tell the truth in my own messed up way. I try to help everyone but as good as it sounds it’s not possible. And you are one of those people I actually help. So my friend it is more like a habit now.

Losing- an art

We lose sometimes ,everyone does. Now there maybe some whom you think never lost, but their victory has many hidden failures behind them. As it is said, “one hit at the target is the result of ninety nine miss”. Thus there is no great victory without failures behind it.

But most of us are not aware of the art of losing. We do not accept our failure and keep finding excuses on what to blame it. You are just lost. But the art of losing is when you accept all the reasons whole heartedly and believe it happened so you have a chance in future for improving. Acceptance is always the door before which there is nothing and after which there is everything.

For instance, when I went for shooting one day and didn’t get any right shot, I thought I was not taught properly,or how can it just be possible! At that time I was a lost person but during the long journey from the field to home, I realised first, it was my first time and second God wants me to come here the next time so that I practice and not just end it in a one day activity.

I thought and thought there was not a single but many things I learnt that day, nothing is achieved in one day and it’s okay to not be good at everything . Also talent isn’t everything ,without hardwork a castle can’t be build even with the artists of taj mahal involved!

That day I learned the art of losing, what it holds to those who practice it.

What is envy?

According to you, what is it?

It’s not a mark of a bad person or mind as it is often exaggerated.
It is very natural. There are different types of envy and different situations when it perforates in our lives. It enters in childhood itself and nobody is free from it. But surely it depends on us that we become citizens rather the subjects. That we control this instinct rather being controlled by it.
Once my 5 year old brother asked for a toy aeroplane when he saw our neighbour’s son had one. He demanded for it. I asked him kindly ,”why do you want it?” And he replied”because it’s more good!”. I again asked “and why do you think so?”. And he retorted” obviously as see how happy is Mandy with it!”. This was the simple explanation he offered and also by far the best I have received. People envy others because they seek happiness,they desire to be happy. And seeking happiness is a meek and innocuous thought. As there are changes in situations there are also changes in the desires.
A student envies her competitor because she wants to get better marks than her and this motivates her to study harder and harder each day until she becomes the best.

A person envies

the other simply because he thinks the other has something which they don’t ,it can be happiness,love,marks,glory or anything. And for this he tries to be better and better with every passing moment to get

him ,what he wishes.

My concept is simple. A coin has two faces, similar is with envy-one positive and the other negative. The choice is always ours. The positive makes us a citizen who are in control leading to development. The other makes us a subject who are controlled leading to destruction. A subject never lifts up he pulls the other one down. And lives in the illusion that he is better now.

Flames are around you, give them direction.

It is you who decides, being burnt in the flame of jealousy or using the flame to enlighten the path of being a better human each day.

Hence, envy is like clay,it depends on us what we make of it God or devil.

Problem is not a problem when it becomes an obstacle

Hey! What do you think is a problem? A problem is Mmm.. a problem. Exactly my point a problem is when you can’t understand it,your head and heart can’t get peace of a solution. It’s a situation simply but we feel it has permanence. One thing to be noted, everything in life is transient, and it is also.its just the illusion made by your fear.

Feel it as an obstacle,just a hurdle you need to jump on. Thinking differently is the key. All the power is in the thought. Thinking in this way it feels it’s not the whole but just a part of it,which will pass. A stone in the way can be removed or not if not you can just let it stay and move on. An obstacle comes with an opportunity to develop. You cross one, you step one level up. Imagine it the more they come, the stronger you become.

If someone’s life is easy going don’t feel depressed. They are at the same place where they were before. No change,No gain. Their life may appear calm and regular, and it is. But not experienced, because they have never been presented with all the gifts of life.(of course it depends on you, whether you take it as a boon or bane).

They are the pebbles far away from the sea, quite and still. But the one who faces the rage of wave is bestowed the chance to see the world in the lap of mother ocean. The result when you cross an obstacle is the deep sense of strength, confidence and braveness. And like this a person becomes A survivor ready to face whatever life has stored.