I read somewhere today, we ought to let our brains think because thats what they are meant to do. We ought to keep the natural flow of thoughts and satisfy the craving for thinking and introspection. When we shut it down with distractions and instant pleasures again and again, all of those thoughts come like a wave, which we cannot stop. It results in overthinking or that overwhelming feeling. It may consume us.

Let us sit with ourselves for few minutes each day. To think , reflect and introspect. Be healthy.

What do you think?


NaPoWriMo #april9

the prompt is giving voice to the inanimate or writing a persona poem. the prompt is given by writer’s digest. visit writers digest for more exciting prompts and daily prompts for April month.

here is my attempt-

I was your best mate
back then
now you have i think
forgotten me
not a day went by
without thee
now I’m waiting for you
to hold me

the keyboard, touch screen, are
your new buddies
why, is it me or you, that
has changed
you still come back, on
days unwarned
I’m happy to welcome you
with open arms

when you are unable to
form words
when your heart aches even in
brightly lit room
when you need an escape yet
a familiar touch
you come back to me for
I help you express

I do not ask you, to
only look at me
do come back often Chris
for I miss thee;

-your half filled blue pen

It is so fun people, do give it a try and leave the link to your poems in the comments. i would love to read them. Happy Writing!!

Dear Joon-hee

joon hee played by jung hae-in

For art, sketching was your truest expression, which never betrayed you, unlike your eyes which could move away, your head which could be trained, your art only said the truth.

Can I call you joonie, that’s what it sounds like when I say your name. I understand, i understand why you drew a caricature of Jin-ah with a uncharacteristically large head and a funny small body. when you were more than capable to draw an astonishing portrait and impress her. For you knew art, sketching was your truest expression, which never betrayed you, unlike your eyes which could move away, your head which could be trained, your art only said the truth. and the truth was apparent when you drew her portrait alone at home with a mere picture. Your truth, Your outpouring love for her could not be missed at all. With each detail came every moment you spent with her, whether the eyes that hold so much depth, eyebrows proud and independent, nose straight not giving up ever and lips which retained the innocence and maturity in an amalgam.

Image result for something in the rain jin ah drawing

I understand why you did not want to show her that, for they were your feelings, bare, naked, your heart laid open, it was vulnerable more than we are used to. Also how could you do that, when you were not sure yourself about your feelings. But joonie, even if you were an ace at relationships, it is okay for you to hold back and contemplate, be uncomfortable being vulnerable. for every relation is different, it takes time and trust, and you did great taking your time and understanding what your heart wants.

Love for making love familiar and breathtaking at the same time
Yours Christin

Joon Hee, played by Jung Hae-in is a character from the korean drama Something in the rain, literal title being Pretty noona who buys me food. I cannot assure you if he will fall among your top favourite characters, but one thing is for sure, you will definitely remember him in his unique yet familiar ways.

interesting fact– Joon-hee is younger than his partner Jin-ah played by Son ye-jin, and also in real life.
No. of episodes: 16
Original network: JTBC
Original release: March 30 –, May 19, 2018
you can watch it on Netflix

Touch me not

Touch me not
for i shall sore away
with the winds of north
venture not to hold me
for i intend to flow
all the way from mountains to seas
discover every inch
of earth’s mystery

watch from a distance
for i shall dissipate soon
when our eyes cross
and your breathing does somersault
a mysterious force pulls you across
all in the name of nincompoop heart

Darling remember,
to Touch me not.


Either I have lost interest in the worldly affairs, or I am so f***ing pretty. There is no middle road.


Sometimes I feel
I want nothing more,
than your house next to mine.

Watching sunsets and sunrise
Sharing vagaries and dreams alike
Dancing and falling in moonlight

Writing new poems by the Riverside
Challenging ageold beliefs on the side

Work would that be even or
Just an expression of my life
My story ,our story ,like stratus on a starry night
Where we smile through our eyes

Where u complete, my “zindagi aur kuch bhi nhi “
With teri meri kahani hai

How beautiful would that be,
Nothing more than
just You by my side;

Gen Z

Gen Z, we might be the most emotionally worn out generation yet the most emotionally driven.

(the irony!)

Holika Dahan

I saw the moon through the fire, and it shimmered, wavered, as a delicate painting, remembering the poem i first read this marvel in. While my father explained how this is due to different refractive index of air, cold and hot above the blazing fire. From which our attention was diverted to my sister’s constant foot tapping, for she wanted to go home and wash her funny coloured face( just holi things). Hence we moved towards home, before reaching encountered another story by my brother, that it is barred to go the basement of apartment building after 8’o clock. And a natural ‘why ‘ left my mouth, to which he revealed that there lives a ghost there- called momo. I wondered what was more funny, the ghost called momo or his belief on it.

Happy Holika Dahan or Choti Holi everyone.

To those who don’t know, Holika Dahan is an indian festival, marking the victory of belief in god, that one’s faith in the higher power prevails above all worldly powers. And evil burns itself in the pursuit of harming others. Happy Holika Dahan again!