NaPoWriMo #april9

the prompt is giving voice to the inanimate or writing a persona poem. the prompt is given by writer’s digest. visit writers digest for more exciting prompts and daily prompts for April month.

here is my attempt-

I was your best mate
back then
now you have i think
forgotten me
not a day went by
without thee
now I’m waiting for you
to hold me

the keyboard, touch screen, are
your new buddies
why, is it me or you, that
has changed
you still come back, on
days unwarned
I’m happy to welcome you
with open arms

when you are unable to
form words
when your heart aches even in
brightly lit room
when you need an escape yet
a familiar touch
you come back to me for
I help you express

I do not ask you, to
only look at me
do come back often Chris
for I miss thee;

-your half filled blue pen

It is so fun people, do give it a try and leave the link to your poems in the comments. i would love to read them. Happy Writing!!

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