The darker the better..

The ‘darker’ the better,
Lights are too bright,

No sympathies for the blurry red eyesVoices are irritating,painful is even the dropping pin

No hunger no thirst,Just Me in this euphoria is a mustBalnket and pillow are only soothing

Sometimes the world spins around,Sometimes it gets still,
Sometimes I’m dancing on the roof,Others I’m crying like a doof

Only constant is the smiling screen
Making my life everytime green

This happens day and night
I’m not addicted right?




To beat the summer heat i went to my vacation house, which had been given to me a few months back when my dear uncle Edgar passed out. first it sounded creepy, as who would spend holiday in a cottage in between a forest, believe me that would have been my last choice but sometimes seeing your bank account is much more creepier than this……and this lead me to my last desire.
Well the house was not that bad , with pale carmine walls ,oxford blue woods decorating the roof and the small courtyard in front with british fences and finely shaped bushes(it was little weird maintaining a garden in the mid of forest). i had decided to invite my friends but noone reached by that time. i entered the place , i knew it would be dusty but not this much, it appeared to be abandoned for years.