Losing- an art

We lose sometimes ,everyone does. Now there maybe some whom you think never lost, but their victory has many hidden failures behind them. As it is said, “one hit at the target is the result of ninety nine miss”. Thus there is no great victory without failures behind it.

But most of us are not aware of the art of losing. We do not accept our failure and keep finding excuses on what to blame it. You are just lost. But the art of losing is when you accept all the reasons whole heartedly and believe it happened so you have a chance in future for improving. Acceptance is always the door before which there is nothing and after which there is everything.

For instance, when I went for shooting one day and didn’t get any right shot, I thought I was not taught properly,or how can it just be possible! At that time I was a lost person but during the long journey from the field to home, I realised first, it was my first time and second God wants me to come here the next time so that I practice and not just end it in a one day activity.

I thought and thought there was not a single but many things I learnt that day, nothing is achieved in one day and it’s okay to not be good at everything . Also talent isn’t everything ,without hardwork a castle can’t be build even with the artists of taj mahal involved!

That day I learned the art of losing, what it holds to those who practice it.


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