Saudade or not?

I miss us
yes i do
Never thought
I would
Definetely didnt think
I will say it loud

I didnt need you
I told
more to myself than you
Feels independent
Yes i do
but i still miss you;

Even though
I don't need you
I wanna keep you
around me too
wanna pack you in my bag
and take you wherever i go;

Even though
I don't need you
Wanna share
My joy and sorrows
with you
Wanna protect you
from all
that comes through;

My life won't end
without you
But it is livelier
with you
Hope you know this
Darling, even though
i never needed you
still i miss you;

I have been wondering about the title, when I asked a friend, he said this poem shows longing, it’s SAUDADE. But I couldn’t completely embrace the idea, so please share your views, it’s Saudade or not.

* SAUDADE-deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one cares for and/or loves.Β (Wikipedia)


16 Replies to “Saudade or not?”

  1. Saudade seems to capture the essence of the poem but the yearning portrayed in the poem feels less obvious and more nuanced, almost a subtle longing at the back of the mind, nearly oblivious but still ever present. It’s a paradoxical sentiment, I wonder if one word can do it as much justice as the whole poem does. :’)

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  2. Part of the reason why I was instantly pulled into the poem was the word ‘Saudade’. I’ve heard it in many contexts recently too (including the beautiful “Horizon of Saudade” soundtrack by A.R. Rehman) and I guess your poem really resonates with Saudade (though I don’t even know if that’s the right way to use the Portuguese word in a sentence).

    However, I can not be too sure since Portuguese is not a language I know very well and I guess some words describing feelings of a language can’t be experienced or understood without knowing the language (like you’ll have a hard time explaining the difference between ‘aarzoo’ and ‘khwahish’ to a person who doesn’t know Urdu or Hindi; the difference isn’t in meaning, it’s in the context).

    Apart from the language discussions, I guess your poem is really soulful. The skillful use of enjambment creates a vivid feeling of how the heart and the mind see the same situation with different perspectives: one finds needs; the other just yearns (though that’s just my interpretation).

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    1. I liked your interpretation, the heart and mind are watching things differently maybe that’s it. Thanks a lot for your feedback. It means a lot you took the time to read and comment.
      The context is what matters, so I will keep it up to the reader if its saudade or not.

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