A black out!

I had always heard people saying,” I just blacked out, I don’t remember anything” I always wondered how a body can go unconscious suddenly and mind doesn’t know anything.

When I was in 8th grade ,singing praise and worship songs in the morning assembly,there was one of my classmates right next to me . She was smiling ,we all were. And suddenly I feel a movement strange from the previous, I turn briskly and see her body collapsing . Like a building collapses if you attack its base, she was collapsing , falling on the ground with utter velocity .I catched her in my arms, teachers came to help, her eyes were half open. I remember asking her if she remembered a bit . She just said,”I remember dancing and I couldn’t see then and the next is I was in this room.” That was strange for me.

Now I know what a complete blackout is, maybe I’m sharing this because I want people to know if they ever in life deal with it. They know the strangeness you feel at that time is completely normal. Or maybe just because I want to share. It’s a reason good enough right? Best thing is you never need a reason to right , you feel it , you do it!

So I was walking towards the rest room from my chair which was 25 meters away. I felt strange numbness in my ears as if they weren’t here. I couldn’t concentrate on what others were saying. Then I felt very light like I’m a feather which could just fly . This was too much so I settled down on a chair. After 1 minute, I felt better so I headed again for the washroom.

The distance left was just 10 metres, I was about to touch the door of the washroom ,when the numbness returned. I couldn’t again hear the sounds of outside, I tried shaking my ears to feel something. I couldn’t. I felt my body weighing too much to handle for me so I catched the railing which was near. And the next I know my hands are shivering like nuts, they were just giving up ,they couldn’t hold me more. I again tries to reach someone or that door. In that moment it just felt I need to reach my destination,I took a step and I couldn’t see anything, faint sounds could be heard. I was falling down but I was resisting ,I was willing to stand up but I couldn’t order my body, it was not under my control. So I was falling down in slow motion or at least I felt so. It was like I was floating in space throughout the fall, I stretched my hands for something to grasp ,to feel something real, there was nothing, I craved the ground. When I finally touched it, a person came rushing towards me to pick me up. It was just her might that she made me stand up as my body wasn’t responding to her much . But when I stood up on my legs ,all the senses returned gradually. And I realised that I blacked out for few seconds. And I also became conscious in a fewer.

*These were all the details of about 25 seconds as I couldn’t grasp the time accurately.