Life- a gift!

Her fascination with life knew no bounds,

Loved all ups and downs

Always said makes life more beautiful,

Constant change caused curiousity,

Unpredictable, yet revolving in a cycle

How truly fascinating? Life is!


Wondered how , something this magnificent be told,

Expressed, deciphered, solved,

She came to an epiphany,

It’s a beautiful bunch of stories

Where scent of every emotion



All had their part,

Playing, twisting, turning,

Making a masterpiece 

With efforts of all

When weaved lyrically

Transforms to poetry with all beauty

And charm,

Now she writes poetries,

Smiling all way along.


A poetry like man..

His words, often scattered, in dire need of comprehension, calling out your imagination to run wild, as searching in the vast ocean of thoughtfull-ness, pearls he wanted you to have, and only them.

They were often jumbled, as if on intention, to engage you, surrender yourself completely at his voice, Maybe he was search personified.

Or maybe the speed of his heart was faster than the mind could figure out, emotions too vivid to be bound by words,magic lingering his eyes, unruly for the Muggle world,realisations too divine to express in one voice, shared just enough, made you yearn for the next part,

Magic lingering to mix with stars.

When he could, he would say a few, then pause, watch me with widened eyes, to check if I understood, witnessing contentment on my part, his message was received by the intended heart, he would laugh and laugh,

It became our ritual,embedded in my heart, it was our thing. As the thirsty always drinks water, curious always looks for answers, I always did understand, so he never tried hard,

Poetry never tries too hard, one attentive understands her message at heart, other would never care enough, even when beauty bestowed bare, ignorance is bliss for the foolish heart.

why are you smiling?

You keep asking me,

Curiosity burning in eyes

Still the same question

Despite being answered millions of times;


Do you like to see me flustered

Embarrased,pouring my heart out to you

Or you don’t believe in,

My words,my picture of you;

“Why are you smiling?”

Apparently i cant deny you

I’ll answer one more time,

Flustering myself another dime,

This time i’ll pen it down

So you can read it whenever you want;


There is no theory,

My bet is, its an instinct,

Similar to breathing,involuntary,

An expression of my feelings,

The more you ask, the more i smile,

If a theory existed,

Conclusion would

Undoubtedly be you,

For you make me smile;


Am i funny?’

Is there something on my face?”

Asked in your lovely voice,

Laughter filled the halls

Got you completely annoyed;

Would you understand?

If i simply said,

You make me smile,

Nobody laughed at me like that”

You’d adamantly claim;

Difference is in vision,

Eyes are the same,

Miss the pure white light,

Beautiful latetia you were,

One couldn’t help but smile,

Watching ocean for the first time,

Awe enough to mesmerize,

Looking at you is similar,

For me every other time;


Here i’m telling you,

Why am i smiling?

Even writing this,

Read this,

Till you believe it,

For it is true,

It’s my truth,

Also so you dont bug me

Next time,

With what i have answered

Millions of times;


Still if you want to hear,

I will tell you



I can’t deny you;

How I write my poem?

It’s a little inspiration,
From a sweet emotion,
Buckets of imagination,
I pen my poem;

How I create a fantas-tic picture,
Of a world
Only true to me,
That’s how I write,
What some call

I often wish..

I often wish I was born in a forest ,
I want to be one of the trees,
They don’t compete to be the highest,

I want to be one of the flowers,
Spreading fragrance without fear ,
Their happiness visible in
The form of mist like tear

I want to be one among the grass,
Serving everyone without bias,
Whether it’s the grasshopper hiding from man
Or man fighting with man,

I want to be the breeze,
A wanderer with no care,
Whose journey nobody can cease,
Where calmness and thrill pair,
Discovering places I have never been
Memory full of breathtaking scenes,

But I am born among humans ,
For I fear what to say ,
Running in the meaning less race everyday,
I work and work but the soul wants to play,
All i wish is ,”I was born in a forest” when I say,
God being his humble self speaks,” You may!
Dear ,You May!

Who gave you the flower?

My friend asked seeing a rose in my diary,”who gave you the flower?

I replied,

“The person who gave the flower to me,

Is the one who really cares about me,

Brings food when I am not happy,

Plays the perfect music of my mood,

observing the surface knows the core,

Interior cracks can never be hidden behind the door,

Makes time for me everyday,

Accept my weird ways,

Never Laughs when I cry

Stays with me till the tears dry,

Understands what I want,

Never tells I can’t,

Is the one who keeps me at peace,

Whose aura blends with mine,

And I am sure who will always stand by me,

The person who gave the flower to me,

Is me, when I decided to make myself happy;

Shell of love

“what about those two?they can’t break apart!”,they said

“Christin is a hard shell, tough to crack.”

“Well that means we need to go for her sister,she is sort of softer ”

“Didn’t I mention, she is the softer part of the hard shell”

Silence replied….