An old mug



Baffled, befuddled
Amongst the rush
Watching people everywhere
Loneliness swarmed in

Befuddled tripping on my steps
Managed to move
Where I didn’t know?
No place made a difference

And I felt my phone
Pressing against my chest
I called you
Not so
You could help me
I just wanted to see you
In my adrenaline rushed state
How I made my way to you?
I wonder ,but a little
For I could only go to you

I thought I would hug you
Maybe cry a little
Maybe whine a dime
Just tell u how much you mean to me.

But when I reached
And I saw you
I forgot the whining
Crying and all sorts of pain
Unlike the movies
Didn’t rush into your arms
The black of your eyes
Calmed all the storms
Blazing flames of anxiety
Turned snowflakes of serependity
I didn’t say anything
Walking with you did wonders
Just listening to you
Reduced the screams within me

And i didn’t even know
When this wide curve came
On my face,
This person was content and just smiling.
Well it feels like I returned home.
My home came to me.

Old water bottle

Rugged overused bottom
Now unable to stand
Satisfied lying horizontal
Water still left on insides

Ready to quench anyone
Who holds onto its familiar body,
Marked by faded pictures
And a half visible sign

Yellow reflecting rays, now
Turned dull tired pale
Still complements little round
Full of dents silver head

Loses weight when someone’s filled
And gains ready to fill again,
With more and more sips
Grows it’s serving strife
Until insides crack
Unable to hold life.

I tried to write a imagist poem for the first time. Imagism was a movement in early-20th-century Anglo-American poetry that favored precision of imagery and clear, sharp language. So I did it with a still life. Any suggestions or feedback are most welcome and appreciated!!

Saudade or not?

I miss us
yes i do
Never thought
I would
Definetely didnt think
I will say it loud

I didnt need you
I told
more to myself than you
Feels independent
Yes i do
but i still miss you;

Even though
I don't need you
I wanna keep you
around me too
wanna pack you in my bag
and take you wherever i go;

Even though
I don't need you
Wanna share
My joy and sorrows
with you
Wanna protect you
from all
that comes through;

My life won't end
without you
But it is livelier
with you
Hope you know this
Darling, even though
i never needed you
still i miss you;

I have been wondering about the title, when I asked a friend, he said this poem shows longing, it’s SAUDADE. But I couldn’t completely embrace the idea, so please share your views, it’s Saudade or not.

* SAUDADE-deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one cares for and/or loves. (Wikipedia)

Pit of love.

When we were walking
in the deep pit of love
I never noticed
U were gnawing at my rope up
To fall more deeply in love
As the cliché does.

How I write my poem?

It’s a little inspiration,
From a sweet emotion,
Buckets of imagination,
I pen my poem;

How I create a fantas-tic picture,
Of a world
Only true to me,
That’s how I write,
What some call

Today I read a noble man

Today, I read a noble man
His works
His obstacles
His life
His teachings
He is called Gandhi
Was there a difference a made?
I thought walking down the alley,
Bumped into someone mistakenly,
Her angry push shoved me to the wall,
Fury coursing through everywhere veins fall,
I raised my hand,
“Is it worth this all”,
A sound came like the inner call,
It is the difference ,
He made,
Making louder the inner voice,
So you have to listen it without choice,
It is the difference,
He made ,
So he was called Bapu by all.