Touch me not

Touch me not
for i shall sore away
with the winds of north
venture not to hold me
for i intend to flow
all the way from mountains to seas
discover every inch
of earth’s mystery

watch from a distance
for i shall dissipate soon
when our eyes cross
and your breathing does somersault
a mysterious force pulls you across
all in the name of nincompoop heart

Darling remember,
to Touch me not.


Sometimes I feel
I want nothing more,
than your house next to mine.

Watching sunsets and sunrise
Sharing vagaries and dreams alike
Dancing and falling in moonlight

Writing new poems by the Riverside
Challenging ageold beliefs on the side

Work would that be even or
Just an expression of my life
My story ,our story ,like stratus on a starry night
Where we smile through our eyes

Where u complete, my “zindagi aur kuch bhi nhi “
With teri meri kahani hai

How beautiful would that be,
Nothing more than
just You by my side;

Holika Dahan

I saw the moon through the fire, and it shimmered, wavered, as a delicate painting, remembering the poem i first read this marvel in. While my father explained how this is due to different refractive index of air, cold and hot above the blazing fire. From which our attention was diverted to my sister’s constant foot tapping, for she wanted to go home and wash her funny coloured face( just holi things). Hence we moved towards home, before reaching encountered another story by my brother, that it is barred to go the basement of apartment building after 8’o clock. And a natural ‘why ‘ left my mouth, to which he revealed that there lives a ghost there- called momo. I wondered what was more funny, the ghost called momo or his belief on it.

Happy Holika Dahan or Choti Holi everyone.

To those who don’t know, Holika Dahan is an indian festival, marking the victory of belief in god, that one’s faith in the higher power prevails above all worldly powers. And evil burns itself in the pursuit of harming others. Happy Holika Dahan again!


Confluence of the old and new,
rejuvenated the perished
created the unheard
quenched the craving,

For the old aimed
and the new found
even different genre, sight
Conflux conferred each of their wants

A new lens?

A new lens

And it all seemed better if not beautiful
Once i changed the lens;

Before was all a hazy blur of despair, confusion and sense of loss. Which gave to a hope of solution, change and new.

If you are stuck in a spot, unable to change anything. Try changing your lens to the world. It would not vanish problems but definitely provide ways and a better understanding.

Keep questioning!🤗🙌


Blues and hues
with yellow intact
In pools of black
That often turned red

Saw the rainbows and greys
All splashes of shades,
Aye dyed home in brown
when purple dreams beckoned,

A little orange mixed
In palette of green
Brushes and rushes
To repaint recolor

Still pink held the background
Loud and strong;
This is SHE
Her canvas said it all;

I always wanted to write a poem with a unified theme of metaphors, and this happened as a happy accident while describing a picture. You can see that picture on my IG here.

But, I’m a poet

There was a light, an aura, shining against the crowd
someone different, someone new
someone i never met, someone fascinating,
someone to meet again and again

It’s not a lie when i say
everything faded into background
except You;
I’m just a poet, you know

Often i overemphasize, inhibitions and emotions
Exaggerate an instant with eloquent words
Romanticize every possible happening on earth
Read into more than one should

Maybe it was just a passing a moment
I am a poet;

Image courtesy- my new found Hobby😚

I don’t believe you

I never believed it
When you said
“You can either love me or hate me
There is no between”
I smiled
You just had no mediocrity

Emotions were always loud
Even make the deaf feel something
Expressions bright as the day
Even those behind shut doors and heavy gates couldn’t escape
You were just that magical!

You could envelope one in your heart
In minutes of meeting
You were just that magical!

You were warmth personified
When you cried like a child
Got angry with a pout
Jealous throwing tantrums everywhere

I always wondered
How could someone hate you
Such sunshine and warmth in a box
Who could not love you?
So the statement aforesaid wasn’t true

Life took its turns
And Here I am
still unable to believe you
Because today
I’m standing in middle

I have loved you
And could never hate you
SO here I’m standing in middle
Unflinching immovable
Standing my ground
In the middle of nowhere;