Touch me not

Touch me not
for i shall sore away
with the winds of north
venture not to hold me
for i intend to flow
all the way from mountains to seas
discover every inch
of earth’s mystery

watch from a distance
for i shall dissipate soon
when our eyes cross
and your breathing does somersault
a mysterious force pulls you across
all in the name of nincompoop heart

Darling remember,
to Touch me not.


Either I have lost interest in the worldly affairs, or I am so f***ing pretty. There is no middle road.


Awkward to talk
Since it would be
Awkward to talk now
When I was awkward
All along
Let’s awkwardly talk
Rather than staying
Awkward not talking at all.

veil of love.

You came with a veil of love
i stood there smiling
you looked peaceful as a dove
i stood there smiling
you whispered some words
i couldnt decipher
you said it again
and this time i paid attention
"you look amazing, my love"
i started laughing
confusion swarmed your face
i initiated to clear this mess
you were shocked to hear what i said
i think you looked far beyond mad
what could i have said
to turn ocean of love into
droplets of rain?

"yesterday you looked in the mirror,
when your mask, your veil, on the floor fell,
you thought nobody saw you,
there was a soul evidence of that hell"

Pit of love.

When we were walking
in the deep pit of love
I never noticed
U were gnawing at my rope up
To fall more deeply in love
As the cliché does.