Grow green

Watching you withering away,
Petal by petal,
In the winds of West
Urges me to form a canopy
Protect you from all the downpour,
All the hail and snow;

But brown old bark tells me
You have to grow
Strengthen your roots
Survive in the strongest of storms
Breathe in the fresh air
Sway among clouds;

Rise towards the light
As high as you can go
Challenge your limits
With your roots deep in ground
For I will always Be with you
On your leaves as the morning dew;

So go and grow green
Bloom in wild summer breeze
Fearless and free
Remember, I am always near
And here for you.


Just go to sleep.

Go to sleep
You will know
What is sleep.
And how does sleeping feel
Without sleeping
You will not be sleepy
And you will not sleep

Advice to an insomaniac
By a sleepy- about to sleep