veil of love.

You came with a veil of love
i stood there smiling
you looked peaceful as a dove
i stood there smiling
you whispered some words
i couldnt decipher
you said it again
and this time i paid attention
"you look amazing, my love"
i started laughing
confusion swarmed your face
i initiated to clear this mess
you were shocked to hear what i said
i think you looked far beyond mad
what could i have said
to turn ocean of love into
droplets of rain?

"yesterday you looked in the mirror,
when your mask, your veil, on the floor fell,
you thought nobody saw you,
there was a soul evidence of that hell"

Friends become foes..

Throwing me to drown

The clouds of blindness were around, Wind of fear freezing the frown, The dilemma of life and death came round, Friends became foes throwing me to drown;

Judges weren’t from an unknown town, Called the verdict with no standing ground, Not listening my cries turned dull brown, Shouted I longed the path not the crown, Like the deaf left me alone to mourn;

Selfish,ambitious words did surround, Thought over and over how did these even hold a pound, Didn’t the throat dry before announcing the once loved a clown, Was it even a justified noun?

Heart became more parch by the salt eyes shed for so long, Startled within me I waited for dawn the whole day long;