11 Replies to “Hop hop”

  1. Good day

    My steps
    in the green valley
    over the stony path
    up in the mountains

    the grass in the wind
    under blue sky

    i’m looking for myself
    in the landscape
    since my childhood

    in my weakness
    as a simple being

    i become the core
    inside of me

    in front of my
    never can find

    Best regards

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  2. A priceless story worthy of literary history found in the blazing spectrums of beauty
    coinciding with the blazing colors of Antumn
    comprised in the spectrum of the Rainbow

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      1. And I am elated to meet a creative talent worthy of book material! Thank youfor your innovative comment and thanks for your genius connection!

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      2. christin, with your awesome-to-supreme talent with superior writing skills make you amzing in a million creative-productive ways!


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