But, I’m a poet

There was a light, an aura, shining against the crowd
someone different, someone new
someone i never met, someone fascinating,
someone to meet again and again

It’s not a lie when i say
everything faded into background
except You;
I’m just a poet, you know

Often i overemphasize, inhibitions and emotions
Exaggerate an instant with eloquent words
Romanticize every possible happening on earth
Read into more than one should

Maybe it was just a passing a moment
I am a poet;

Image courtesy- my new found Hobby๐Ÿ˜š


8 Replies to “But, I’m a poet”

  1. Good afternoon, Christian

    Your poem is wonderful.

    My answer:

    I go every day
    on you
    in your
    changeable shape

    how you tie me up
    without you stopping by me

    I wear thunderstruck
    Your face
    in my heart

    in day and dream
    in me
    without speaking to you
    To see you
    To touch you
    around in me

    the moment
    is that where the being is
    the woman
    like an unquenchable fire
    makes me defenseless
    attacks me

    I dont lie
    I can desire
    not really do
    I am not a
    Magician, not a singer
    not a hero

    Best regards

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