I don’t believe you

I never believed it
When you said
“You can either love me or hate me
There is no between”
I smiled
You just had no mediocrity

Emotions were always loud
Even make the deaf feel something
Expressions bright as the day
Even those behind shut doors and heavy gates couldn’t escape
You were just that magical!

You could envelope one in your heart
In minutes of meeting
You were just that magical!

You were warmth personified
When you cried like a child
Got angry with a pout
Jealous throwing tantrums everywhere

I always wondered
How could someone hate you
Such sunshine and warmth in a box
Who could not love you?
So the statement aforesaid wasn’t true

Life took its turns
And Here I am
still unable to believe you
Because today
I’m standing in middle

I have loved you
And could never hate you
SO here I’m standing in middle
Unflinching immovable
Standing my ground
In the middle of nowhere;


21 Replies to “I don’t believe you”

  1. Dear Christian

    Between the words
    lies the real being
    of all people

    we are all mediocre
    and none
    also the noblest
    the bravest
    the most beautiful
    with their wisdom
    is more than that

    Feelings are the other
    in the dark
    of your own body
    stay with the others

    the soul wants
    against my mind
    that I am of beauty
    fall for a woman

    The heart beats
    plus a pompous orchestra
    that I still after years
    with heartache
    the unfulfilled desire
    the wife to mourn

    the longing
    although it’s pointless
    want me every day
    invaded in my heart
    that I answer the phone
    want to grab
    to please her

    their warmth echoes in my body
    as if she had my body in possession
    not I with her face

    I can neither love nor hate
    I stay in my midst
    expelled from her
    While I stand on Mother Earth
    but I could then
    I will never
    can linger near them

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

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      1. Yeah, You’ll for definitely going to see college!!πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ€—
        I am, well in finals of my Professional Course but due to some reason decided not to appear this Dec term of Examination!!πŸ˜…
        Hope will clear both Groups in June Term..πŸ˜…

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