His breath was more refreshing
and lively than
Choking of his dreams
Reality was more believable
Than bleakness of nightmares
His reality held more hope
Than horrors of his dreams.
What changed?
he ? Maybe.
Maybe his reality
is beautifully bearable now.
Or simply believable.

Things can get ugly at times, often we know we should fight back, stand up, carry on or just move on. but we don’t want to, there is fear,hesitation ,anger or just we get tired. And resign to feel anything in our own worlds.

It’s completely okay, stay there, but after a time we got to accept. Acceptance is simply ‘it is what is’ , want to change something- ‘go ahead definitely’ and if you don’t want to ‘live with it’. But accepting is the key , it is the first step.


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