Chaotic place

A chaos filled space
When did exactly optimism leave this place?
Blames are unlimited and unbound
Cry for help muffled amid all these sounds
Gratitude is fake and flimsy
Leave empathy,
Even facade of sympathy is clumsy
One’s narcissism is greater than
Other’s deeds and efforts
No room for discussion,
Straight to rebellion and action
Warriors of hope are bleeding
Their armours cut to the ground
Still tending the fallen’s wound
Their light has begun to flicker
Efforts turn hopeless in constant bicker
As if hope doesn’t dare visit here
patience has long broken in tears
As things would anyway stay the same
Still trying and trying
And trying will be a shame
A Kind little voice still hangs
onto scattered shreds
For betterment of this chaotic place
In the end
Dies unheard unfelt
In this broken chaotic space.

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