Can you hear me Chris?

Can you hear me Chris?
I am scared
I am probably hurt
I want to pause ,would you let me?
Can I cry like myself?
For a moment,
Can there be no criticism from your side,
No listening to remarks of passerbys,
No mirage of might,
Away from this mature,adult society,
Can we be alone for sometime?
Would you let me encompass my grief,
Just this time?
Can you even hear me Chris?
I’m your fading inner child.
Or you’ve finally grown up this time?

18 thoughts on “Can you hear me Chris?

  1. No matter how old we grow, the child in us is always alive. It’s up to us to keep it or let it go. I decided to keep it and I am glad that I did. Listen to that child within and life will always be an adventure.

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