why are you smiling?

You keep asking me,

Curiosity burning in eyes

Still the same question

Despite being answered millions of times;


Do you like to see me flustered

Embarrased,pouring my heart out to you

Or you don’t believe in,

My words,my picture of you;

“Why are you smiling?”

Apparently i cant deny you

I’ll answer one more time,

Flustering myself another dime,

This time i’ll pen it down

So you can read it whenever you want;


There is no theory,

My bet is, its an instinct,

Similar to breathing,involuntary,

An expression of my feelings,

The more you ask, the more i smile,

If a theory existed,

Conclusion would

Undoubtedly be you,

For you make me smile;


Am i funny?’

Is there something on my face?”

Asked in your lovely voice,

Laughter filled the halls

Got you completely annoyed;

Would you understand?

If i simply said,

You make me smile,

Nobody laughed at me like that”

You’d adamantly claim;

Difference is in vision,

Eyes are the same,

Miss the pure white light,

Beautiful latetia you were,

One couldn’t help but smile,

Watching ocean for the first time,

Awe enough to mesmerize,

Looking at you is similar,

For me every other time;


Here i’m telling you,

Why am i smiling?

Even writing this,

Read this,

Till you believe it,

For it is true,

It’s my truth,

Also so you dont bug me

Next time,

With what i have answered

Millions of times;


Still if you want to hear,

I will tell you



I can’t deny you;


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